Ontain Corporation, originally Elaho Wireless Inc., closed U.S. and Canadian operations in 2004. While Ontain had demonstrable success with its Gift Card and Reward Platform, early efforts with Mobile & Web-based Commerce (Remote Ordering for QSR) were still pre-mature for successful market adoption. Ontain’s work evolved from the original Elaho Wireless designs, and resulted in several successful trials with Starbucks, Subway, Boston Market, Panera Bread, Uptown Espresso, and McDonald’s.

The founder of Avanti Commerce, Jason Strashek was part of the original Elaho Wireless team in 1999 – and continued as the lead product manager for Ontain’s Web and Mobile Commerce through to the end of operations in 2004. Following Ontain’s closure, Mr. Strashek retains all of Ontain’s mobile commerce & online ordering intellectual property. Under Mr. Strashek’s leadership, Avanti Commerce Inc. continues the development, sales, and deployment of the original platform.

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